Monday, June 30, 2008

Burger Time!

Today we went to McCormick's for their Happy Hour because we heard they had $1.95 burgers. Indeed they did, and the burgers were a good size if a touch overcooked. The drinks were considerably more expensive.

Apparently, McCormick's also boasts a raffle every weekday the Mariners have a home game. Though we had six complimentary raffle tickets between the two of us, the couple at the table next to us were the lucky pair for the night, winning a $50 gift certificate to McCormick's, two tickets to tonight's Mariners game, and a cab ride from McCormick's to Safeco Stadium.

This couple happened to have plans, so they gave the tickets to us! Then McCormick's changed the dessert menu without telling us and they gave us free dessert for the inconvenience!

The Mariners lost in a rather uneventful 2-0 game against the Blue Jays (whose supporters really turned out for them in a way I've never seen before), but for free, it was pretty hard to beat.

So this ends the blog contest. Congratulations to our co-winners, a nod of the head to our conquests, and medium rare to our burger cook, please.

It's been fun,
Dave and Lily

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Nor said...

i'm a little jealous you actually got a hamburger.