Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Can't Believe It" Acoustic Covers: A Brief Showcase

I was listening to T-Pain and Lil Wayne's... excuse me... T-Wayne's hit song "Can't Believe It" not long ago and thought it would actually work really well as an acoustic song. I said to myself, "Sure, white folks doing self-conscious acoustic covers of rap songs has been done to death, but I bet no one's thought to do this one yet!" As per usual, Google burst my bubble*.

(beat boxing in this one)

This is but a small sampling. Well, at least I don't need to learn the guitar and develop a better voice now. I wonder if anyone's gotten around to a bluegrass rendition of "Ghost Ride It" yet...

*Another disappointment rendered upon me by Google is that I did not officially coin the term "in-between drink," meaning a beverage that would be more likely to be consumed with a snack or on its own as opposed to with a proper meal (sodas, lemonade, and other juices for example, though these are not hard and fast rules). Apparently a 1935 article in Coca-Cola Nachtrichten (or at least the English translation) deserves the credit on that one.

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