Monday, November 16, 2009

Who William Shatner is Following on Twitter

Did you know that William Shatner is on Twitter? He is! Not such surprising news, I suppose. He almost uniformly begins his tweets with "Friends," and ends with "My best, Bill," which is probably as good a way to spend 21 characters as any other. And they're decent enough tweets. Straightforward, informative, occasionally wishing someone a happy birthday.

As is the case with most celebrities, he's followed a lot more than he follows. Specifically, he's currently following 12, and he is followed by 124,841 (10,000 times as many!). Obviously the twelve caught my eye. Who are these chosen twelve that William Shatner has deemed worthy of his feed? Well:

1. Carrie Fisher - This is like Romeo following Juliet and it can only end as badly.
2. Henry Gibson - The recently, regrettably deceased comedic actor. Actually check out his page, that guy was a card and clearly (probably) did his own tweets.
3. Twitter's Spam Watch - Riveting stuff, I'm sure.
4. Wil Wheaton - The actor who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation (as well as Gordie in Stand By Me). I guess it speaks to Shatner's somewhat difficult reputation that the only Star Trek castmember he follows is one who never worked with him (not counting that episode of The Weakest Link: Star Trek Edition).
5. Dame Elizabeth Taylor - Sure. Why not?
6. Arnold Klein - Michael Jackson's doctor, and a pioneer in the cosmetic uses of Botox. Well, this at least fits with the Elizabeth Taylor thing.
7. Leslie Shatner Walker - His daughter. I bet she's got some stories.
8. Giorgio Tuscani - An artist I have never heard of, but that's certainly not any slight on his legitimacy. He is in turn following someone called "Gay Spock." I now like him.
9. The Priceline Negotiator - Himself.
10. Paul Camuso - A guy who "work[s] with actor William Shatner on his online internet project The Shatner Project." Kind of a redundant sentence, but okay. A guy with a cool (I hope) job.
11. Fran Drescher - Huh?
12. - He's probably still mad about not being cast in the first reboot, but also wants to keep that window open just in case the sequel needs an "Old Man Kirk." It's plausible with this new timeline set-up, after all.

All in all a wild bunch. A regular Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. TrekMovie of course being the Judas that betrayed him. Camuso being Peter for building his online internet Shatner church project. Spam Watch being Doubting Thomas for always being on the lookout for tricky business. The Priceline Negotiator being James the Less because of his inferior heroic qualities compared to those of James Kirk. Okay, the analogy gets a little thin past there, but if I knew more about the apostles I think I'd be all over this.

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