Friday, April 25, 2008

Cult Movies

I've really been enjoying this AVClub "New Cult Canon" series. It reminded me of how much I liked the movie Primer. And I know we should always judge movies on their intrinsic values rather than their back stories, but I'm endlessly impressed that Shane Carruth, a non-film professional (an engineer at that) made a genuinely complex and intriguing movie for only $7000. It kills me that he doesn't have any future films on the apparent horizon.

One-hit-wonders are saddest in the film world. At least I think so.

EDIT: Nah, I take that back. You only have to make the film once, and then it can take care of itself. Musicians have to play their one stupid hit thousands of times on tour or starve to death. Even successful musicians are bound to their repertoires. The Stones have to play "Satisfaction," or risk the wrath of 60-year-olds who paid $100 per ticket.

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