Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mild and Crazy

I was just reading a Seattle Times blurb about Chris Rock's show last weekend at the Paramount. The title:

Chris Rock more mild than wild at the Paramount

It's actually a positive review, but it acknowledges that as Chris Rock has aged his comedy has become more laid back. Of course, laid back for Chris Rock is probably comparable to how an average person would act after an unexpected shower of ice water. There are two problems I had with the person's review. Number One: Writing a comedian's jokes (in particular his new jokes) in a newspaper should be illegal. They're Rock's intellectual property and probably one of his primary means of income. Not to mention, they just don't have the same energy and brilliance out of context. Number Two:

Steve Martin, a Mild and Crazy Guy

You're aping Richard Corliss's headlines, Joanna Horowitz!

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