Saturday, April 26, 2008


There was a nice article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer yesterday about Michael Seiwerath, the executive director of the Northwest Film Forum, who is stepping down probably sometime during the summer. He's done a hell of a job with the organization and he's giving me his old bike, so clearly I think highly of him. This is probably of little interest to anyone else, but I wanted to remember where this article was. Also, on his future, Michael said:

I have some ideas about what I'm going to do, but nothing certain. There's a good chance that my friend Pete Erickson and I might start a pure fruit brandy distillery. Three weeks ago it seemed like a hobby or a pipe dream, but now I really think we might make a go of it.

Note to self: Keep in touch with Michael. Also, when NWFF co-founder Jamie Hook was asked about Michael's time with the organization:

I mean, eight years is a long time. It's two presidential terms. Any longer and it's going to get into Third World dictatorship territory.

Oddly enough, I could definitely see Michael taking over Liberia or something.

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