Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I'm So Tired"

Staying up trying to think of interesting things to say is a self-defeating practice. I need regular sleep a lot more than I need hamburgers. Besides, John Lennon wrote multiple great songs about how much he loved sleep, so this shall be my "I'm Only Sleeping." Except of course for the fact that it took no talent of any kind to write this quartet of sentences.


drew said...

As a followup on that free Tibet vs. free Vermont thing, I just found out that Vermont does in fact have a secessionist movement that meets yearly with similar groups from Alaska and Hawaii.

But that just makes it better.

Dave said...

That's fantastic.

If that sounded sarcastic, it most certainly was not, I assure you.

Nor said...

does washington dc have a similar group called "please, let them go"?