Saturday, May 10, 2008

And Then There Were Five

Just twenty-one days left in this blog challenge, and there are only four other competing blogs left. Three of them have not missed a single day since February, so there's little hope of them suddenly going miss-happy, but Nora's burger will be ours!


Nor said...

pssh you wish, i lost for you last contest. and there's more than 21 days left, we're going until the end of june. but if you want to stop at the end of may, i'll gladly take your hamburgers..

Dave said...

Ah, so the end of June it shall be. Chris needs to update that contest page.

The bad news for you is that you just talked yourself out of a burger.

Nor said...

it's okay, i'll just have to win my own. no losing with 5 days left to go this year!