Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Effortless Brilliance

I saw this last night, in a packed house that included the director and most of the cast and crew. It was a mostly-improvised local independent movie about being dumped by a very close platonic friend and trying to get him back. As improvised movies are, there were some rough patches but also some patches of brilliance, for lack of a better word. The main character is played by Sean Nelson, lead singer for Harvey Danger, who is actually a pretty darn good comedic actor. I highly recommend it if it ever comes to your town.

Here's the trailer:

Lily and I are going to spend the day cleaning in preparation for my family's visit next week. I just have to see if I can wake her up.


Jake said...

First I miss Andre 3000, now I find out that Sean Nelson has done a comedic improv movie? This is truly unfair.

There's a showing tomorrow, but eleven bucks for a movie ticket? The world is too cruel.

Dave said...

I know. But hey, independent film, rah rah rah.