Thursday, May 8, 2008

Da Bomb

Do you remember who the first person you ever heard say "da bomb" was? I think for me it was Cedric The Entertainer. He was bragging about some cool party he was going to throw with Steve Harvey on "The Steve Harvey Show" (let's not get into it). Then I remember "da bomb" was thrown around a lot for about five years, some people who said it were thrown off airplanes after 9/11, then it dissipated. Lily still says things are "bomb," sometimes but for all other intensive purposes, it's like the phrase never existed. Just look at what you get from Wikipedia:

"Da Bomb Bikes is a Taiwan-based bicycle company founded in 1998."

That's it!


sarah hayley said...

this is more curious than nitpicky-- is the phrase "intensive purposes"? I always thought it was "intents and purposes". both make enough sense, it seems.

Dave said...

Oh no! You're right! Well, I'm glad I learned that eventually. Thanks.

C'mon college! Did you nothing for me?