Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Elevator Business

I was waiting for an elevator yesterday morning when one came, causing an accidental collision between a man and a woman who each wanted to board. They apologized to each other and got on the elevator with another woman and myself. The resulting conversation went like this:

Woman 1: Sorry about that. I guess we could all use some more eyes.
Man (in a foreign accent): I have only one eye... Two is a blessing.
Woman 1: ...Oh?
Man: I lost this eye when I was five.
(Woman 2 and I are completely silent)
Man: I was hit by a dart (makes dart-throwing motion). I have not seen out of it since.
Woman 1: ...Oh.
(Woman 2 sips her coffee)

There is no punchline.


sarah hayley said...

haha, this sounds like jake goldman

Dave said...

Wouldn't that be a new low. Plagiarized blog posts. Geez.

I mean... thank you. I also enjoy Jake's blog.