Saturday, February 9, 2008


I read that Diddy is getting back into his pet passion of encouraging young people to vote, though this time around he's just saying "Go Vote," as opposed to his more violent slogan from 2004. I suppose if you keep yelling "Vote or Die" every four years without actually killing anybody, you start to lose face. Honestly, if the Republicans can use scare tactics to control the populace ("They've got WMDs! There's a war on Christmas! The gays are recruiting your kids and the Mexicans are taking your jobs!") why the hell can't Diddy?

Another choice quote from that AP article:

"To have an African-American man and a woman in, it's going to go down in history as the most historical election," he said. "And I think that young people will have a hand in the result."

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C. Semp said...

Oh lawd, is dat sum quotable quotes?