Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So I called Adele. She had already learned of her mistake and thanked me for my consideration. Though she did so in the customary Philadelphian caginess that so many of us were born with. Ah, home.

I read a business card at work today that said (real name substituted):

Jim Henrickson
Entrepreneur, Innovator, Problem Solver
*phone number*
*email address*

What it meant was (name substituted):

Jim Henrickson
I Have No Need for a Business Card
*the phone at the sporting goods store*


shesarejector said...

i think i want to get a business card made. it'll say noun: person, place, and thing.

Dave said...

See, and even then I'd be more likely to hire you, because at least your card serves an educational purpose.