Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Superbowl XLII

Though not much of a sports fan by nature, I went a little nuts watching the Superbowl the other day. Mainly because Lily's family set up a betting grid and I'm one of the most obnoxiously competitive people I know. Contests really bring out the worst in me; I basically turn into Daniel Plainview. Fortunately, Lily and I were the big winners ($15 from our $2.50 wager!) and I didn't have to hurt anyone's feelings with my usual bitter-loser remarks. What a good idea it was joining this blog contest!

An old Philadelphian woman named Adele called my cell phone today by accident and left a voicemail. She had called to tell a woman named Joyce that a mutual friend had passed away and that the funeral was taking place on Thursday. I was too busy to do anything about it today, but I feel somewhat obligated to call the old woman back tomorrow and tell her what happened. It seems somehow irresponsible to wash my hands and let Joyce miss the funeral. That said, I am not looking forward to that conversation.


Lily said...

it's true, although i love games, it terrifies me slightly to play with you.

and i didn't know about that lady! what a good idea this blog is! it'll teach me things about you! even more than living together does!

Nor said...

hey what'd you think of There Will Be Blood anyway? I totally value your opinion.

Dave said...

I liked it a lot. Even though it's cliched to say so, it's probably legitimately the best film of the year. Daniel Day-Lewis's performance carries the movie dramatically in a lot of ways, but visually it's a masterpiece too. It could very well be a silent film and still make perfect sense (though that would be a shame since the sound design and the score are so damn good too). So yeah, I'm afraid I fall in line with the majority on this one. It's brilliant.

That said, I have a feeling "No Country for Old Men" will take best picture. Just a hunch. And truth be told I enjoyed that movie more anyway.

Nor said...

see, 'cause i thought the acting and the sets and pretty much everything production-wise was amazing, but i didn't care for the plot. i thought it wasn't extremely well written and there were some scenes in the plot that made absolutely no sense to me, and i couldn't figure out what bearing they had in the film at all. i wouldn't be surprised if No Country For Old Men won best picture, but Daniel Day-Lewis is definitely getting best actor.

Dave said...

Interesting. I guess it's a difference of taste to a certain extent. It felt to me like it was underwritten, but in a good way. Concise, but complex.

I'd be interested to hear which scenes you didn't understand/agree with.

Nor said...

the first one that comes to mind is the scene where HW (is that his name? i could never remember) tries to burn down the house, and then it's never explained or mentioned again.

Dave said...

Mmm. I see. I figured it was just the kid lashing out at his father the only way he knew how. And as for why it was never mentioned again, it's not really the kind of story Plainview would spread around town considering he was trying to promote himself as a family man.

And really, when you try to burn your parent alive in his bed, what is there left to say?

One thing I didn't get was how/why HW let his voice devolve so that by the end of the film he talked like a born deaf person.