Sunday, February 24, 2008

Show Recap/The Oscars

Have you ever been some place, and recognized Ben Gibbard, but not said anything because you already told people you thought he was the drummer for The Mountain Goats? Because changing your story and saying that he was Ben Gibbard would make you wrong about him being the drummer and the risk that he's not Ben Gibbard either would give two strikes against your usually impeccable rightness? Me too.

I like that the Oscars are so much earlier here. Ironically, in the first year I'll be watching the Oscars away from Philadelphia (or New York once), a guy who went to my high school (and whom my cousin knows) is nominated. It's not looking like he'll win (the guy who did Bourne Ultimatum is favored) but still, just being the guy who edited There Will Be Blood should be a self-evident honor.

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