Friday, March 7, 2008

Drillbit Taylor

Earlier today there was a free movie pass on my desk for Drillbit Taylor that bore the fascinatingly appropriate tagline: "You Get What You Pay For."

Also, a prediction:

In five to ten years, landline telephones are going to become ultra hip. People will be entranced by the novelty of being tied down to a location while talking. They'll also enjoy the big plasticky feel and the droning dial tones of these relics of the 1990s. Then a company will invent landline phones that can text message (if they don't already exist). Some people will go nuts over them, others will merely roll their eyes and get back to telegraphing their friends about their new favorite band: Third Eye Blind.


drew said...

I agree with you about the landline thing, except for the part where people will use them. They'll just hang out in/around phone booths to look cool, or use landlines as decorations.

taylor said...

I think landlines are romantic. I still call one of my best friends on her home line...

Also, I have a friend that has no cellphone, no landline, no facebook.... it's so attractive, and mysterious, unless you want to get ahold of him.