Monday, March 3, 2008

Holocaust Memoir Debunked

I really like this story because I enjoy the practice of fakery, but wow, lying about being a Holocaust survivor in order to sell a book is a pretty terrible thing to do.

A choice quote from that article:

The statement said her parents were arrested when she was 4 and she was taken care of by her grandfather and uncle. She said she was poorly treated by her adopted family, called a "daughter of a traitor" because of her parents' role in the resistance, which she said led her to "feel Jewish."

What a good defense. Next time you're on the highway and you're pulled over by a cop, be sure to exclaim, "Ugh, I feel so Black!"

Another great thing about this is that her story is so improbable, yet it took ten years for the lie to come to light. Witness, in the book she:

  • Is taken in by a pack of wolves.
  • Sneaks into and out of the Warsaw ghetto
  • Stabs a German soldier to death in self-defense.
  • Walks from Belgium to Ukraine.
All between the ages of 7 and 11.

Back to the original article, another good quote:

"I'm not an expert on relations between humans and wolves, but I am a specialist of the persecution of Jews, and they (Defonseca's family) can't be found in the archives," Belgian historian Maxime Steinberg told RTL television. "The De Wael family is not Jewish nor were they registered as Jewish."

Man, Maxime Steinberg, you'd be so much cooler if you were an expert on both the persecution of Jews and human-wolf relations.

I'm looking forward to Elie Wiesel announcing, "My real name is Randall Munsch. I am Jewish, but I was born in Queens. Whoopsy-daisy."

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Taylor H. said...

Wow. As a holocaust survivor, stories like that make me so angry!